NDC/DDC Emulation Terminal Software

Run on ATMs & Self-service terminals

Easily to connect with any NDC/DDC switch

Provide SDK and support customization

Product Brochure

DACS-YDC is a terminal software which runs on most of the global GRG ATMs.



Ÿ   XFS-based terminal software (XFS V3.02/V3.30), multi-vendor supported.

Ÿ   NDC/DDC emulation (NDC 4.04/DDC 91x V2.0). Software can easily connect with any NDC/DDC switch.

Ÿ   Modular design, rich logs and diagnostic utility for easy maintenance on the system.

Ÿ   All models on the terminal including cash dispenser, item processing module, cash acceptor and cash recycler are running with the same software.

Ÿ   Flexible Configurator helps to set up various parameters to meet your network environment.

Ÿ   Provide SDK, easily to implement customization.

Ÿ   Security, completely hardware encryption and decryption. Transaction data completely protected, PCI-DSS certified and supports industry cryptographic standards.

Devices & Modules:

Ÿ   Tested on all series of GRG ATMs.

Ÿ   XFS devices supported.

Ÿ   Non-XFS devices supported.



Ÿ   PA-DSS (Win7 and Win10)

Ÿ   Multi-network communication

Ÿ   RKL: RKL using Signature, NDC RKL Message, WN-Extended RKL Message

Ÿ   EMV: EMV Level2 compliant (WIN7 and WIN10), support both motorized and DIP card reader

Ÿ   ADA: Voice guidance supported, following the definitions in NDC.


Ÿ   Deposit and Recycling (NDC & DDC)