The pace of technology innovation is fast. The expectations of customers are growing fast. And, we move even faster.

With financial technology advancing and traditional business shrinking, transformation has become a priority. Sweeping through the whole industry, retail banking, intelligent banking, chatbots, next generation of ATM and other emerging automation technologies are significantly reshaping the ATM industry landscape as well as the whole banking industry. Instead of standing still, all the practitioners are striving to keep relevant and competitive.

Challenge always goes with opportunity. Consumers still rely on ATMs despite the gradually changing spending and transaction habits. However, not just ATM, but more self-service and automated equipment are required by branches. Artificial intelligence helps to optimize ATM and financial institutions, meeting customers’ satisfaction effectively. Blockchain technology enables banks to save cost and improve the efficiency. Fintech makes it possible to connect with customers much closer than that in traditional age. Technology creates possibilities.

We are here to discuss how AI impacts on the future transformation with intelligence. We bring experts to impart the development and application of Blockchain technology. We come together to explore the relationship of ATM of the next generation and banking transformation. We pay our full attention to the future.

Join GRG Banking on 6th-8th November 2018 and take a trip to intelligence, technology and future banking. Let’s move faster.