Thinking of an upgrade for your branch? Here’s are some tips to start!

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It can be overwhelming to start a new project to enhance your banking services. Most of the time, you may not even know where to start! We have narrowed down how we have started branch transformation projects into 4 concepts: Start Simple, Communicate and Train, Analyze Market Feedback, Rinse and Repeat!

Start Simple

It may seem like a trend to be the first to use the most advanced technology, but can “too new” affect your business? Change is always difficult to embrace, so why not make the transition a smooth one. You may want your terminals to be a “one-stop shop”, but too much may overwhelm not only your customers but also your staff with the new technology. Instead of integrating a system that supports loan applications, changing of particulars, applying for a credit card, adding biometric recognition, opening a bank account, paying your bills, and all other kinds of transactions, try to first focus on 1 transaction that is either the largest pain point for your staff or customers. A good example can be as simple as replacing a lost or stolen bank card. Once the foundation is set, it is much easier to expand functionality in the future.

Communicate and Train

Don’t be shy, let your customers know your plan to roll out new technology! They are the ones that will be using it after all. It doesn’t hurt to post announcements on social media with your current customer base. Make sure to communicate the benefits of using the new terminal versus the conventional method. Before deployment, train, train, and then train some more. Your staff tends to be the first line between your customer and future business, so take the time to train them to become experts on how to use the new technology. Consider role-play scenarios where the staff acts as customers and go through the entire transaction process. Work through the “what-ifs” as if it were real time. If your staff isn’t comfortable with the equipment, they won’t be comfortable using it with their customers!

Analyze market feedback

After initial launch, gather feedback from your customers. Questionnaires are a great tool that can be integrated either into the terminal or presented by your staff. Allow feedback on social media as well, which allows your team to engage with your customers about the newly added system. Ask questions like how was your experience replacing your card? What would you change? Would you like to add any more transactions in this terminal? Use this information to analyze staff and employee pain points to improve your transaction process. The better you make the customer experience, the more likely they will come back for more.

Rinse and repeat!

Once you have gathered feedback from the market, look into expanding terminals into other areas. Consider slowly adding new functions required by the market as well. Eventually, you may get requests from customers demanding to place similar terminals at certain locations. Isn’t the purpose of transforming your processes in the branch to make the customer journey as smooth as possible so they CONTINUE banking with you?

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