FEEL Biometrics
Multi-modal Biometric Platform

Multi-modal & Multi-vendor compatible

Flexible deployment

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The FEEL Biometrics is a multi-modal biometric platform for a variety of biometric technologies such as faces, fingerprints, iris, finger vein, and voiceprint. It integrates the functions of feature database, feature management, algorithm management, vendor management, security policy, statistical analysis, user management, and authority management. It is cross-platform, which is open and scalable for unified identity authentication. It creates a one-stop biometric management service that can be widely used in commerce, intelligent buildings, retail, transportation, aviation, education, and other fields with artificial intelligence needs.


Multi-modal biotechnologies

Support multiple biometric technologies include fingerprint, finger/palm vein, iris, face, and voice.

Multiple providers supported

Full-scale integration with standard multi-engines and multi-providers development tools support flexible second-development for various providers.

Financial-level security

Triple DES encryption for all data storage provides you reliable financial level security protection. Tamper-resistant also enhances protection without any physical attack.

Guaranteed accuracy

Deep-learning algorithms and big data analysis integration realize high precision for each biometric recognition in various applications.


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