FEEL Schedule
Intelligent Fleet Scheduling System

Real-time monitoring

Precise tasks time-setting

Intelligent task estimation & APP available

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FEEL Schedule embedded AI+GIS technology to automatically generate the dispatching plan with optimized resources, configurations and fleet routes for cash management tasks dispatching.


Real-time monitoring

FEEL Schedule provides real-time monitoring on task status, vehicle and staff location.

Easy task Modification 

Modify any task. Simply select its area, then add/delete nodes as you wish.

Change task routes or sequences.

Precise tasks time-setting

Every task can be done/avoided within a certain period of time, which can be set in advance.

eg. An ATM can either be replenished between 09:30-10:00 or avoided in this time-period

Intelligent task estimation

FEEL Schedule estimates task duration according to its on-going status.

Reminders will be sent to staff if they are behind schedule.

APP available:

FEEL Schedule provides an application for field staff. It contains useful functions that help to improve task efficiency



AETOS---Singapore’s 2nd largest security service company, implemented FEEL Schedule in 2019.