- Video Teller Machine (VTM) Software Solution

iSynergy Service for Increased Customer Satisfaction

HD Video Call

Face-to-face Counter-like Experience

Intelligent Assignment for Better Service

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VTM is a pioneering banking channel solution that leverages video conferencing technology to integrate the merits of self-service and counter service, providing full range banking experience with smaller footprint. GRG iBank solution adopts video service technology, remote assistance technology, dedicate to user experience design, brings remote virtual counter-like service experience. By migrating over 90% of traditional counter services to the VTM, this solution greatly alleviates service handling pressure of counters. With this solution, banks innovate financial services and increase their competitive edge.



iSynergy Service for Increased Customer Satisfaction

Support VTM screen co-browse and remote control from video teller, based on Windows platform.       

Video teller can assist customer to complete the forms in STP transactions.     

Video teller can highlight key points to customer.

HD Video Call To Keep High Tough With Customer

Software/Hardware video optional. 

Face-to-face counter-like experience HD video call. 

Integrated with most of industry leading video suppliers.

Secured video streaming and centralized/decentralized recording ready.


Intelligent Assignment for Better Service 

Service request will be routed to an appropriate teller who can provide the required service with such skillset.      

During a regular video assistance, customer service officer can invite/forward the video call to supervisor or specialist for product promotion and cross selling.    

High priority user will be served first.           

Biometric Authentication To Achieve Excellent User Experience

Unique, secured, easy to carry and use for every customer.      

Simplify the KYC process.      

Save teller from doing low value-added jobs, increase the productivity of both branch staffs and video tellers.         


Multi-channel Integration for Intelligent Branch.

Multi-channel integration, including WEB application on VTM and PC Integrate transaction flow service components. Support centralized queuing and strategy library for call allocation. Detailed log output. Teller status management.


Successful Cases

China Guangfa bank

Video banking has proved popular in China , where a large number of banks have installed terminals offering remote video transactions. They were first installed in 2011 by China Guangfa Bank, and are now used by over 30 banks. Small branches in remote locations are finding video banking enables them to add to their existing services by offering transactions which were previously only possible in a more traditional branch environment with multiple tellers.


Singapore DBS

In Singapore, human resource cost is high, remote video assistance has allowed banks to migrate a large number of transactions from the teller to terminals such as the intelligent Teller Machine deployed, reducing labour costs and improving branch profitability.