FasTer T2W
Face Recognition Terminal

Innovative touchless experience

Various specification support flexible application

Accurate & Fast human body temperature reading

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The FasTer T2W is a compatible smart terminal that integrates both face recognition and thermography technologies. Powered by a high-performance AI processor, it can realize accurate readings for identification and body temperature measurements. Its compact footprint, precise recognition, and easy deployment can be used in various scenarios like business parks, communities, campuses, and factories. Enhanced management is achieved by filtering people with abnormal temperatures and unidentified personal. 



Innovative contactless experience

Integrated with innovative artificial intelligence technology, face recognition, FasTer T2W can fulfill a true sense of touchless experience compare to card swiping or fingerprint verification. Better control inspection risk during a specific period.

Various specification support flexible application

Versatile specifications of FasTer T2W meet diverse requirements from different industries. Not only support working alone but also help to establish a network as better control via instant communication with the back-end system.

Accurate & Fast human body temperature reading

Accurate human body temperature reading technology helps customers effectively filtering fever person from heavy foot traffic in-and-out of office area. Reducing workload and improve safety level during the pandemic period.

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