Smart SIM Card Kiosk

Automatic ID recognition

SIM card dispensing

Biometric real-name authentication

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Our Smart SIM card dispenser solution transforms manual telecommunication transactions into a 24-hour self-service solution. It can integrate functions like opening new SIM card accounts, SIM card dispensing, reward points redemption, mobile data plan payments, and bill inquiries. With this solution, customers no longer have to wait in line for telecommunication transactions, and telecom operators or staff can develop better marketing strategies to boost both sales and revenue volume instead of handling mundane and repetitive tasks that can be transferred to a digital solution.



Automatic ID Recognition

Integrated with a smart ID reader to read documents like licenses, passports, government IDs, and much more, customers can finish authentication and telecommunication transactions themselves. Give customers options like choosing their service provider, selecting phone numbers, and choosing different payment plans.

SIM Card Dispensing

Customers can apply for SIM cards online or on this card dispenser. Authentication can be done with the dispenser for customers to dispense their new cards immediately.

Biometric Authentication

As an option, you can install our dual-lens camera that supports liveness detection in many lighting environments. Equipped with our algorithm, you can compare the customer's face with their ID card to continue the transaction.


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