Smart Check-in Machine

Automatically scan ID card information

Synchronize with hotel's management system

Real-time room selection

Integrated marketing with CRM system

Product Brochure


Our Smart Check-in machine is a solution that transforms hotel guests’ check-in experience from a traditional hotel business to a self-service solution. It can integrate functions such as booking, checking-in, checking-out, mobile payments, identity verification, and biometric registration. If integrated with a public security system, it can provide the utmost ID verification services. With this solution, customers no longer have to worry about losing room keys or long check-in times.


Quick Check-in

Guests can check-in or check-out themselves through this solution, which saves time with staff processing. It can automatically read, write, and issue room cards any time of the day whether it be for customers during peak times or for those that arrive very late for a business trip.

Security Assurance

This solution supports face recognition to automatically verify guests' identity. When connected with a public security system, the solution can support the detection of fraudulent or counterfeit IDs.

Recyclable Card Dispenser

The card dispenser has both a waste card box and a recycling card box. It has expandable card cases that can store a maximum of 1,000 room cards, saving costs with new card replacements that can satisfy customer inquiries any time of the day.

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