Double-Sided Hanging Screen
Dual-sided Screens

Customized Marketing

Multi-Language Support

Enhanced Product Promotion

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Enhance your brand image and marketing outreach with double-sided panels that can be easily installed by main entrances. Both sides of the screen can be configured to show relevant product promotions for your business. With flexible brightness settings, customers both inside and outside your store can clearly see all promotion materials on both screens without any environmental glare.



Anti-Glare Configuration

No matter if your display is facing inside or outside, the double-sided hanging screen can easily display all kinds of promotional materials in any lighting environment, so your customers can easily inquire about any ongoing promotions.

Flexible Control Settings

Easily edit the content on the screen remotely when connected to a dedicated network. The power and sleep settings can be adjusted to best fit your hours of operation without having to manually turn on and off the display. 

Upgradeable Marketing Platform

With our marketing software, you can create, modify, and control what content to publish. All screen solutions can have customized publishing timelines to best fit your seasonal needs.  


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