GRGBanking Innovative Solutions Facilitate Pandemic Control

GRGBanking optimizes the accuracy and convenience of the pandemic control with its innovative solutions. Guangzhou Broadcasting Network (GZBN) conducted an interview on the company’s Human Body Temperature Detection Gate, Intelligent Masks Wearing Detection System and other intelligent solutions.


The Human Body Temperature Detection Gate adopts world leading face analysis technology to support face detection, living body recognition, face comparison, body temperature detection, automatic alarm, etc. The detection results will be displayed within 1 second and people with abnormal body temperature will trigger the automatic alarm, which greatly improves the traffic efficiency. The temperature measurement error range is ± 0.3 .


Guangdong province government requests citizens to wear masks in public areas. Based on the big data platform, GRGBanking developed the Intelligent Masks Wearing Detection System, realizing the non-contact detection of mask wearing. It not only supports the face recognition, but also has the data saving function, which is convenient to trace the source of the abnormal situation. The system saves human cost as well as avoids the possibility of virus cross infection.

GRGBanking will continue to promote the "intelligent terminal + big data" layout to accelerate upgrading in various industries.